High quality as a must!

Quality is a pivotal concept in Eurgomma, all our projects for the present and the future revolve around it. November 2017 saw Eurgomma successfully reaching the target of ISO TS 16949 quality certification, though we are already working to adjust to the new IATF:2016. Within this framework we have implemented a new business software, added new equipment and instruments supporting an innovative in line process control system connected through WI-FI and process/product statistical analysis systems.

Information received is analyzed internally for continuous improvement and it is made available to costumers as evidence of our Quality Control Plan enforcement, it can be controlled on the premises and remotely. Objective of this system is avoiding the operators to affect dimensional reports and enforce a poka-yoke quality control system.

In 2016 a new automatic line for the washing, selection and packaging of flat gaskets and o-rings has been added; it performs dimensional checks on the internal and external diameter, thickness and height.

It checks the surface of the gaskets to avoid impurities, holes, cuts and flashes. Last but not least of our project has been the setting up a new METROLOGIC LABORATORY with new instruments to calculate: density, hardness, tensile strain and stress and perform dimensional measurements.

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