Eurgomma can produce any item, studying carefully its design and selecting the production technique which suits best its characteristics and is the most cost-efficient.

The production department divides into: MIXING, EXTRUSION and INJECTION MOLDING; they are described below. In addition, Eurgomma runs several cutting, grinding and automatic packaging lines. It owns an internal workshop for the maintenance of equipment and tools.
Such a versatile production department enables Eurgomma to produce any vulcanized rubber item whatever the hardness and composition of the compound and dimension of the product.

The production process is based on the “LEAN MANUFACTURING” concept, aiming at blending the flexibility and quality of craftmanship with the efficiency of mass production. The focus is on constantly improving the production process so that quality be supported from the beginning to the end. In brief: “ Doing just what is needed, creating value for our customers and eliminating any waste”

Eurgomma has a department dedicated to the internal production of natural rubber compounds, for the food industry, neutral or colored both in open or close mixing mills; all compounds produced internally are certified for use in the domestic appliances sector and for the production of rubber bands.



In Eurgomma we have several lines for the extrusion, grinding and cutting od rubber items. The internal diameter of our extrudates ranges from 1 mm to 105 mm with variable thickness combinations. Cutting height may vary from a minimum of 0.4 mm to a maximum of 950 mm. Our experience and know how allow us to keep dimensional tolerances very close to design, especially on extrudates: up to /-0,1 mm on the internal diameter, /-0,2 mm on the external diameter and /-0,15 mm on cutting height.
Vulcanization is performed in a steam autoclave (one of the best methods for compression set test) or with alternative methods depending on the application of the product.

The advantage of extrusion is mainly flexibility; the customer is not bound by a set number of products, but receives a product realized according to its requests. Equipment needed for the extrusion process is cheaper that for the injection molding process. Items with different cutting height can be obtained by the same rubber hose, making the process extremely cost efficient and the risk of air bubbles forming in the extruded rubber is very low compared to injection molding.
All this features enable Eurgomma to produce high quality, tailor made products at significantly competitive prices.




As a result Eurgomma can rely on several presses for both injection molding and compression molding, vertical and horizontal machines all of them equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Thanks to this cooperation Eurgomma is able to supply both small craftsmen organization and assembly lines of leading international groups.