Rubber Membrane

Membranes are generally used to regulate the flow of liquid or gaseous elements. They work in low or very low pressure conditions and therefore they are usually quite thin.
The range of dimensions that Eurgomma is able to produce goes from 15 mm to 200 mm for external diameter (A) with a minimum thickness (S) of 0.20 mm.
The type of rubber compounds employed to produce these items are filtered to avoid them containing impurities which may undermine product performance. In cases of special applications, Eurgomma is also able to provide membranes made of fabric or steel reinforced rubber.

Does the oil filter empty when the engine switches off?
No, it does not. The oil filter does not empty because the anti-drainback membrane, which is positioned below the holes for the oil inflow, seals them as soon as the flow of oil ends that is when the engine is switched off.
Such mechanism prevents the filter from emptying and having to be filled again when the engines is switched on, this would cause the level of oil flowing toward the engine to drop even if just for few seconds.