HNBR Frame Seals

Frame seals are used in static sealing only.

They seal tight two matching parts and the sealing function occurs by the compression of the gasket.
These items are used in many different sectors and are produced only based on the design of the customer.

HNBR is close to NBR, it shares the molecular composition of NBR with the addition of Hydrogen which makes it resistant to ozone. As against NBR, HNBR is resistant to high working temperatures.

It is employed widely in the automotive and air conditioning sector. Its chemical compatibility can be improved significantly by working on the percentage of acrylonitrile it contains.

• Compound specific weight : 1.15 ÷ 1.25
• Hardness Shore A or IRHD attainable: 45 ÷ 90
• Minimum working temperature : -50 °C
• Maximum working temperature : 170°C